Warum ist mein Hund aggressiv beim Essen?

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Manimaran E. schrieb am 16.03.2023
Hi There, We recently brought home a new puppy - 8 weeks old Parson Jack Russell Terrier and saw the above said behaviour (biting & aggression during eating) especially when he is eating food after the 2nd day. I would like know how to control this behaviour and any advice or training that we need to get him to attend. Regards, Manimaran
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Hi Manimaran,

maybe you could give me some more information on the problem. I would be especially interested in the following:
- Who is the target of the aggressive behaviour - you, i. e. a human, or another dog?
- What is the setup of the situation? Where do you feed your dog, what do you feed your dog, how do you feed your dog (hand or bowl) and at which point does the aggression occur, i. e. what happens immediately before?

Best wishes,
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